Blender Python script to set up animation in which random text appears on screen

This script generates animation with a random number popping up on the screen periodically. In this specific case, frames go from 1 to 590. Numbers appear every 5 frames. At 25fps, this can generate 590/25=23.6 seconds of animation.

You can see an example here of this exact script in this video. This script’s specific section is from 6 second marker to approximately 25 second marker.

import bpy
import random

# text will appear every five frames, from frame 1 to 590, set up loop for that
# I rendered at 25fps, which means this would give you 590/25=23.6 seconds of appearing numbers
for counter in range(1,590,5):

    # text object
    text001_ops_object = bpy.ops.object

    # set characteristics of text object
    text001_context_object = bpy.context.object
    # each 5th frame will show one of the text choices below selected randomly
    text_choice = random.choice(["1.99","2.99","3.99","4.99","5.99","6.99","7.99","8.99","9.99"]) = text_choice
    # location of the text, this was based on my manually created scene
    text001_context_object.location = [random.randint(-5,3),random.randint(-3,2),random.randint(1,3)]
    # you can adjust the size/scaling of the text here with scaling for each of the x,y,z axes
    text001_context_object.scale = 1,1,1
    # set text object name, easier to manipulate later = "name_9a"

    # hide each text object initially at frame zero, important to set both hide and hide render
    text001_context_object.hide = True
    text001_context_object.hide_render = text001_context_object.hide
    text001_context_object.keyframe_insert(data_path="hide", frame=0,index=-1)
    text001_context_object.keyframe_insert(data_path="hide_render", frame=0,index=-1)

    # now show the text object in appropriate frame (every fifth frame from the for loop)
    appearing_frame = counter
    text001_context_object.hide = False
    text001_context_object.hide_render = text001_context_object.hide
    text001_context_object.keyframe_insert(data_path="hide", frame=appearing_frame,index=-1)
    text001_context_object.keyframe_insert(data_path="hide_render", frame=appearing_frame,index=-1)

    # set random colors for the text that is being added
    text001_data_materials ='visuals')
    text001_data_materials.diffuse_color = (random.random(),random.random(),random.random())